Food and Fitness

March 01, 2017

“ I believe that health is more
Than Merely The Absence of
Disease , IT IS A Total state of
Physical ,Mental, Emotional,
Spirtual And Social Well- Being.”

Food is an essential part of our life. Food makes us fit and healthy if it is nutritious.To eat a healthy diet is core of fit life.Fitness comes only when we exercise, have adequate sleep and healthy food .One’s mind remains fresh and cool by being fit. It is also said,” Healthy mind stays in healthy body. If we will not exercise and does not follow the balance diet , We will be prone to many diseases.
“ All work and no play
Makes Jack dull boy.”

. The following ways highlight how nutrition is important for fitness.
1. Starting your day with breakfast can help give you the energy and nutrients you need for exercise.
2. Nutrients workout snacks can help you maintain your energy and nutrient levels.
3. Choose complex carbohydrates over refined alternatives.

Eating a well balanced diet can help you get the colories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities including regular exercise . When it comes to eating fppda to fuel your exercise performance. It’s not as simple as choosing vegetables over doughnuts .You need to get the right types of food at the right times of the day.

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